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I am Stephanie Pietz…

…and I currently reside in Tempe, Arizona. My passion for motorcycles started at a very young age, from the first time I sat on my dad's 1976 Shovelhead. I've just recently, in the last two years, begun to take my love for motorcycles to a competitive level and started racing the WORCS series (off-road racing) on my 2015 RMZ250. 

I've worked in the motorsports industry for almost a decade and represented numerous companies, such as Rockstar Energy, Lucas Oil and Metal Mulisha, just to name a few. It's not just my pretty face that has kept my relationship with these companies satisfactory;  it's my love for the sport and my knowledge, skills and personality that outshine my looks alone. The hard work and dedication I have put into my racing these past few years shows immensely in my progress. Aside from looking good on the bike, I can actually ride too. I took third place in my very first Harley Hooligan race, in May 2017.

When I was growing up, there weren't a lot of female riders to look up to. These days, hundreds of women race and thousands of them own motorcycles—which brings me to why I do it. There are tons of beautiful women who can pull in a clutch and shift gears, but there are few who have a fueling passion for it that shows and resonates with others. When I get messages from female riders (or just any woman) saying that I motivate them to ride more, buy a bike or just adventure into the industry in general, it fills me with a great sense of accomplishment. The fact that I can be an inspirational role model, like the one I didn't have growing up, is a feeling that is irreplaceable. I have the ability to show women that you can be a badass on a bike and still be feminine. You don't have to stop acting like a girl just because you can hang with the guys on the track.


"Don't stop acting like a girl just because you can hang with the guys on the track."